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What is a candle light dinner?

Candlelight is generally considered to be a romantic dinner with your better half. It is a way of expressing your love and feelings to your loved one. The arrangements, ambience may vary from couple to couple but the intention is the same – express the love you have for your loved one.

A candlelight dinner is also arranged for family and friends where it could be a platform to share your memories and have fun-filled chitchat. Candlelight is a beautiful experience where you can express and share your love, feelings and memories surrounded by the bliss of candle lights.

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Hifive Cafe’s candle light dinner setup

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HiFive cafe comes with two different setups for the candle light dinner. We can arrange it for a couple as well as a group candle light dinner for family/friends. You can customize the surroundings and the set up for the dinner the way you want it. We offer indoor and outdoor candle light dinners for both couple and group.

We ensure that our arrangements are out of the box so that it stays in your heart forever. The menu for the dinner is also customizable which would make you feel appealing. Our setup gives a stunning look to your special evening. You can include any add-ons if required at an affordable price. Enjoy your dinner date or dinner with friends and make it memorable withHiFive cafe.

Why should you book a candle light dinner at Hifive Cafe?

We offer you the best ambiance in a customized way for celebrating your evening. We help you to make it special with our outstanding services. Other than our setup, arrangements and service another important reason to choose us is – you can book for your candle light dinner from wherever you are. 

Simple book and schedule for a dinner date or group dinner with some essential details you are done. Once received your request, we would confirm the booking and ensure to follow up with you. This is something unique that we do for our customers’ well-being.

Awesome candle light dinner restaurant at Coimbatore

There are many restaurants that could offer you candle light dinner at Coimbatore. Candle light dinners are getting popular in the city as it is opted by couples or even friends to arrange for it for a farewell / reunion and more. You can experience awesome candle light dinners at HiFive and we make a memorable evening for you with your better half or friends. Book for it at HiFive cafe, invite and enjoy your special evening.

How to book a candle light dinner event for economical cost?

You have a variety of options to choose from . Make sure that the ambiance is quite romantic and ensure your privacy. Privacy is quite important when it comes to a candle light dinner for couples as well as friends. HiFive cafe offers you the best and customized candle light experience at an economical cost. Visit our website, look up for your spot, book and schedule it. The rest is taken care of by us. Enjoy your evening and make it special and memorable for lifetime.


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